Thanks for coming!

Thanks everyone who came to BuddyCamp Vancouver both in person and via the live stream! Thanks also to the sponsors who made it possible. Thanks to the organizing team, Joey, Jill, Boone, and Frazer and to the many students that helped with the event!

Here are what some of the attendees had to say about BuddyCamp. Thanks for writing posts about it and giving feedback helping us reflect and also help future BuddyCamp organizers!

A few highlights from BuddyPress Vancouver 2012 by Boone

#BuddyCamp Livestream Review by Ryan Edward

Cable in the Sky (photo) by Matt

7 Fantastic Presentations from WordCamp and BuddyCamp Vancouver 2012 by Sarah Gooding

BuddyCamp takes place in Burnaby by Amy Judd, Global News


Photo from the end of Hack Day

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2 Responses to Thanks for coming!

  1. Profile photo of charise charise says:

    Any chance a recording of the livestream will be archived so the folks like me who weren’t available to attend or watch the livestream as it happened can check it out? Seems like a good way to encourage the folks eager to dig deeper into BuddyPress. Thanks for organizing a great event! Hope to make the next one!

    • Profile photo of cyrijones cyrijones says:

      Thanks for your interest and yes, we are going to try putting as much of the content as possible on to Not exactly sure yet how soon it will be ready but hoping within a few weeks. I will post to this site when the videos are available.

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